About Our Web Site

Our web site was created and is maintained by our members. We are just novices at this and we will never become professional web site developers by any stretch of the imagination! This is a learning process for us and we realize that all the pages on this web site could be improved. Just don't expect anything too fancy from us!

You can help in several ways. Please report any mistakes, spelling errors, or links that don't work. Please send us your suggestions for additional pages or topics that would be of interest. Most importantly, send stuff - content that is, not your "boat anchors". If this web site is not going to go stale, we need news, photos, up comming events, event reports, etc.

Pages that need particular attention are some of the Radio Sites pages and the Silent Keys page. We need more and better photos and text for these pages. The "Useful Links" page could be endless and we don't want to go there but if you have any links that would be of particular interest to us, by all means, send them in as a suggestion.

For other clubs in the area who do not already have their own web site, we are offering to add a page for you on our web site at no charge. There is one catch though. You have to provide the content and a contact person to work with our web site team. Our definition of "area" is flexible but we'd like to have a page or link for every club north of Clinton.

This web site is generously provided to us by Andy Townsley VE7EQU. It runs on his server under the Linux operating system.