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Posted 2018-04-08
6 position band switch.
approximately  20  porcelain standoffs
3 variable capacitors
1 butterfly  capacitor . 1  tapped inductor, 1 turns counter and other coils to build antenna tuner????  $150 
for  more  info phone 250-992-5752 or res system
Wanted 735 or 745 Icom HF Radio.

Posted 2018-03-19

    Yaesu FC-40 automatic antenna tuner for sale. $200
    Mike Alborn

    250 255 0584

Posted 2017-01-07

    Hallicrafters SX-62-A radio
 receiver (Larry has the manual for it.)
     Contact: Greg Anderson,250-964-6284

Posted 2017-01-07
    750 pf variable capacitor good condition $30
    150' 4 conductor rotor cable $60
    12 amp 12 volt power supply mounted on Sinclabs ups $85
    Assorted porcelain standoffs approx. 35 $25
    Contact Rick ve7bml 250-992-5752 or res system

Posted 2017-08-07
    2 @  800/900 megahertz yagis  $50 each
    ve7bml rick      250-992-5752  or on res

Posted 2017-08-07
    Wanted 400 feet of 14-16 gauge 6-conductor rotator cable. Call Rick, VE7CUP at  ricmartin@telus.net

Posted 2016-11-22
items from the estate of Hildo Hoek (VE7DRX) in Smithers
    Yaesu FT 101B c/w YC-601 Digital Display
    Yaesu FT-990, c/w SP-6 Speaker
    Heathkit SB-200 Linear Amplifier
    AMP LA-1000 1 Kw. Linear Amplifier
    MJF 1045 RF Preselector
    Eddystone 990R Broad Band Receiver
Contact bhaslett@telus.net  250-847-3010

Posted 2016-10-09
AOR AR8200 Mark 3, wide range hand held communications receiver (500 kHz - 3 GHz).
Complete with manual and power adapter.
Details available at http://www.aorusa.com/receivers/ar8200mk3.html
Asking $500
Todd, VE7CKZ  250-277-4378

Posted 2016-07-05
Kenwood TS-570D with a Kenwood CW filter installed
original box and instructions.
Asking $650.00

Robert, VA7DIV  
250-992-3376  va7div@rac.ca

Posted 2016-04-24

Complete Station:
Yaesu FT-707 HF Transceiver
Turner Dynamic 251 LO-Z Vintage Desk Microphone
KW-107  SUPERMatch Tuner
20amp 13.8v Power Supply
Asking $450.00 OBO for the package

Contact VE7JBY: 250-552-4918
Posted 2016-03-27   
    Kenwood TH-D7 Handheldw/case, new battery Asking $200.00 
    Kenwood TS440S HF Transceiver in original box Asking $ 300.00
    Both units used very little.Will take offers
    Vern VE7VJB Phone 250-612-9614