Timothy Mountain

146.62- (100Hz tone)

Timothy Mountain is located east of Lac La Hache. It serves the area between Williams Lake and 100 Mile House.

This site is an example of regional Hams and clubs working together on projects. Although well outside PGARC's geographical area, three Prince George Hams (Andy, Warren, and Graig) spent a weekend on Timothy installing the equipment in an existing building. The various pieces of equipment are owned by several different people.

There are several peaks on Timothy and they're all covered with radio sites.

The link antenna points that way. No, it's that way.

Warren & Andy installing the antennas.

The Amateur Radio equipment. This site does not have backup power.

While we were there with the test equipment, SAR asked us to check their repeater.

The crew stayed in a campground near Lac La Hache.