Tabor Minor Mountain

VE7RES 145.43- (100Hz tone)

PGARC holds a lease on the Tabor Minor site. It is our largest site and is the the heart of our repeater network. What makes this site so special is the bed-spring arrays of VHF antennas. Using these antennas, we are able to reach from Prince George to Fort Saint John in one hop using knife-edge refraction off Mount Sentinal which is near the mid-point of the 200 kilometer transmission path. This site also houses a 6-meter beacon transmitter, APRS equipment and a repeater for our partner volunteer group, the Prince George Search And Rescue Society (PGSAR).

The bedspring array pointing north.

With this massive antenna structure at our end, the Fort Saint John end near Charlie Lake can use a much more reasonable antenna system.

The top left antenna is a Sinclair 210C-4 for the drop repeater and the Sinclair 310C-4 below it is for the UHF hub.To the right is a Sinclair SRL360 Radaflector for the Purden link. Ther top right 210C2 is for the PGSAR (Search and Rescue) repeater. In case you're wondering, Mike is wearing a full body harnace and is tied off with a double fall arrest and a positioning lanyard.

Equipment Bays

The AGM batteries will provide several days of emergency power.