This Repeater is located approx 45 miles due north from Murray Ridge in Ft.St. James. This Repeater is linked to VE7RFF at Murray ridge and from there to Prince George where it is tied into the VE7RES network. This is a joint project with the controller and antenna co-owned by Warren (VA7RC) and Chris (VE7GGG). The repeater, duplexer and link radio belong to the Prince George Amateur Radio Club. Special thanks to all of the Local residents of Chucci Lake! We would like to thank Central Interior Communications, who purchased the building,panels and batteries! This a solar powered site using two 75 watt panels and four 6-Volt golf cart batteries.

The not so pretty site. The aftermath of a forest fire.

The Western Radio VHF repeater and RLC-1 controller.

Western Radio UHF link to Murray Ridge.