Milburn Mountain

147.21+ (100Hz tone) + APRS

Milburn mountain is located west of Quesnel and Bouchie Lake.
The Prince George Amateur Radio Club holds a lease on this mountain-top property.
This site is linked north to Prince George and south to Williams Lake.

New steel cladding (siding) installed in 2019.

You don't want this to happen! A turn-buckle on a guy wire broke.
It was January 2007 and the snow was about 2M deep when Warren, Graig, & Jim got there.

Summer 2007: This is not a trail for a new vehicle!
The brush on the left is the same vegitation as the "twigs" sticking out of the snow in the above photo.

That's Frank doing some serious bush-whacking.

I wasn't kidding - just ask Bill & Brent.

That's Gil & Graig installing the antennas on the replacement tower.

This is the new equipment that we installed in 2009.