George Mtn

147.09+ (100Hz tone) + APRS + Search And Rescue

George Mountain is located south-east of Prince George at an elevation of 1,718 meters. The site was donated to PGARC by T&S Communications. PGARC holds the site lease but this site is a joint project between Prince George Amateur Radio Club and Prince George Search and Rescue. Both organizations are registered non-profit societies. PGSAR has two licensed commercial repeater frequency pairs and one of them is used here.

George mountain is an end-of-the-line solar powered repeater that is linked into the network without UHF links. It is a tricky combination of one VHF radio at the previous (grid powered) site and two different sub-audible tones that keep the repeaters from locking up. The main reason we do this at our end of the line solar sites is to reduce power consumption.

The George Mountain repeater site is a unique configuration. The repeater can be switched between the Amateur frequency and a PGSAR commercial frequency. There is one repeater, one antenna, and 2 duplexers with coaxial relays. A ruggedized Arduino single board computer is the brains of the operation. The control is via APRS messenging. There are 3 ways to control the switching but the one we use most is the good old text message. We can send a text message from a cell phone to a VOIP telephone number which is intercepted by our file server and converted to the APRS message that tells the Arduino what to do. The Arduino is programmed in C++ and the program on the server is written in Python. The use of the shared server is complements of SS Solar in Prince George.

Fun stuff!

George Mountain Radio Site

Site access is difficult due to the elevation and trail condition. This photo was taken in June 2010. While we were enjoying summer, the top of George was still winter conditions.