Carney Hill

146.700+ (100Hz tone) & APRS, I-Gate, IRLP

The PGARC Carney Hill site is located on the hill at the junction of highways 16 and 97 within the city of Prince George B.C.
PGARC owns the structures and leases the land from the city.
This repeater is usually used in a stand-alone mode for IRLP and for community events within the city.
It is also the home of the Prince George Community Radio Society CFIS radio transmitter on 93.1 MHz.

We purchased this building from Telus.
After we painted over the old BC Tel colors, the graffiti artists had a new "canvass" to work on.

Most of this equipment has been replaced. A new picture is coming - someday.

When the batteries are depleted, the power plant will start automatically to recharge them.

This was how Onan manufactured the control panel for the power plant.

But we replaced the relay technology with a computerized control module.