VE7FG 6-Meter Beacon
50.033 MHz

Located on Tabor Mountain near Prince George British Columbia, Canada.
1,050 meters above ground level - Grid square CO83sw

The first reception report was received from VA7SL on April 18, 2001 at 12:23z. So far during about ten years of operation,
the only significant shutdown was to replace a broken antenna. There was also a short outage to upgrade the DC power system
on the site. Reception may be logged and the log may be viewed at

A "Ringo Ranger" quarter wave vertical ground plane for 6 meters is installed just above the roof (in the middle)
of the Prince George Amateur Radio Club's transmitter building on Tabor Minor Mountain.

A view from the mountaintop. This direction is towards Yukon and Alaska.

The beacon transmitter - an internal view.

The beacon transmitter - an external view.

The exciter board.

The exciter board and 50 watt power amplifier strip.

The power amplifier up close.