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EMBC  (Emergency Management British Columbia) (formerly the Provincial Emergency Program)

PERCS (Provincial Emergency Radio Service)

RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada)

Hamstudy (Canadian on-line Amateur Radio course)

GeoBC (BC Geographical Name Search)

DARF (The Canadian Defense of Amateur Radio Fund

YL - Western Canada

APRS Tracking (Displayed on Google Maps)

IRLP Official Home Page

IRLP Status & Live Node List (may be slow to load)

QTH Locator (Grid Square Locator)

QRZ (Amateur Radio News)

ARRL (American Radio Relay League)

Repeater book (world-wide listings)

Dealers (We have no affiliation with, and do not endorse any of these dealers. This is just a quick way to get to their web sites.)

Alpha Radio Ltd.

Burnaby Radio Communications

NTF Communications Inc.